Multi Meets Poly:

Multiculturalism and Polyculturalism Go on a First Date

A Video Play Produced by Silk Road Rising
Written by Jamil Khoury
Directed by A. George Bajalia
Featuring Gordon Chow and Virginia Lee Marie Martinez

"Multi Meets Poly: Multiculturalism and Polyculturalism Go On a First Date" (running time approx. 34 minutes) is a thought-provoking and often-humorous reflection on the theoretical and practical differences between two powerful social ideas: multiculturalism and polyculturalism. 

By personifying these ideas as human characters—one male, one female—and by endowing each character with professional rivalry, intellectual one-upmanship, and sexual tension, a would-be romantic evening becomes an intriguing vehicle for exploring American interpretations of pluralism, cultural interchange, and diversity.

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